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Laughter Yoga

South London

Give yourself time to have fun and a healthy laughter moment!

A Laughter Yoga session involves laughter exercises, games, improvisation,creativity, social connection, breathing yoga techniques, laughter meditation,

playfulness, talking gibberish, dancing and much more!


Extending laugh and its benefits!

We usually laugh for 3 to 5 seconds, in order to get the full laugh benefits we need to laugh for 10 to15 minutes. So, Laughter Yoga prolongs the laughter giving us all the health benefits and these will remain with us for a good 24 hours or more after the workshop!


Laughter yoga helps to find inner joy, release stress and make friends.

So, don’t worry if you are shy or feeling hesitant, as I can say that throughout the session you will feel more open, connected and confident.

Did Laughter Evolve to Make Us Healthy? | National Geographic


                   Classes 2019

                       Colliers Wood




21/09, 05/10, 02/11, 16/11 and 07/12    2:30pm to 4pm



Johmard Community Centre

65 - 67 High Street  Colliers Wood

SW19 2JF

Closest station: Colliers Wood Station

Buses: 57, 219 and 131

For private sessions please contact:


What is Laughter Yoga?

  • Laugh it out!

Laughter Yoga is an inclusive technique that uses laughter and breathing exercises to bring people together, release stress, exercise, uplift the mood and have fun.

  • Everyone can laugh

The laughter is induced by laughter exercises in group, without relying on humour, jokes or comedy. Adding eye contact and childlike playfulness, very soon it turns into real and contagious laughter.

  • Oxygen your body

Laughter Yoga name comes from the combination of laughter exercises and yoga breathing techniques. Laughter exercises help to release endorphins and clear away carbon dioxide from the body; the yoga breathing practice brings more oxygen to the brain and the body, making you healthier and more energetic.

  • Scientific evidence

Laughter Yoga is based on scientific evidence that suggests the body cannot tell the difference between simulated and stimulated laughter. So, in the session one gets the full physiological and psychological benefits of laughter.

  • A bit of Laughter Yoga history

It was started by the medical doctor Madan Kataria and the Yoga teacher Madahuri Kataria in India, with just 5 people at a park in Mumbai in 1995. Nowadays, there are thousands of laughter yoga clubs in more than 65 countries.

Some benefits of Laughter Yoga:

  • Laughter lifts your mood and unblock emotions


  • Lowers your stress levels and boots your immune system


  • Connects people


  • Makes you more resilient, giving you energy towards life ups and downs


  • Yoga deep breathing practice supplies oxygen to the body and it makes you feel more alert, motivated, creative and productive

Laughter Yoga Facilitator


I am certificated Laughter Yoga leader, artist, performer and art teacher. I have been working in the art and performance field for more than 8 years. And I am very happy to share all my creativity and laughter skills to help everyone to improve their lives, happiness and well-being.

What to bring for laughter yoga sessions


Wear something you are comfy to move in and we will probably lie on the floor for a short ending mediation at some point! So, if you like bring a yoga mat for your comfort. Bring water too! And of course, your willingness to laugh HaHa



                                                   !!! IMPORTANT PLEASE READ !!!


Laughter Yoga is not a substitute for medical consultation for physical, mental and psychological illnesses, but is a powerful natural complementary form of healing. It is like any other aerobic exercise and may not be suitable for everyone as it involves some physical strain and a rise in intra-abdominal pressure.


Some people may have pre-existing medical conditions and one should take reasonable precaution before doing laughter exercises or indeed any form of exercise.


It is contraindicated for people suffering from: Any kind of hernia, Heart disease with angina pain, Persistent cough with breathlessness, Uncontrolled high blood pressure, Incontinence of urine, Epilepsy, Advanced (bleeding) piles and hemorrhoids or any bleeding tendencies in any part of the body, Severe backache, Any acute symptoms of cough, cold and fever. People who have undergone major surgery should wait at least three months before doing Laughter Yoga.


If in doubt first consult a medical professional for guidance. Anyone undergoing physician-prescribed therapy that experiences improvements through laughter should seek the advice of their doctor before reducing dosage or stopping treatment.



Refund Policy


No refunds. If you can not make it on the day, you are welcome to transfer the space to a friend but let us know their details for our register.

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