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Acrylic Painting

Learn how to express yourself and let your artistic side come out through painting and brush techniques.

I can teach you to develop your skills by showing how to mix colours,painting techniques and mix media. All levels are welcome.

At the end of the classes you will be able to: 


•​  Mix colour and techniques


•​  Colour wheel:  primary, secondary and tertiary


•​  Collage and integrate gaps between pictures

•  ​Painting techniques

•  ​Mix media


Suitable for: Children, teens and adults. For children, it can be done but with edible and non-toxic paints.

Here are some classes suggestions that we can work on. If you cannot find a class suitable for you don’t worry, we can discuss your needs and plan a bespoke class personalised for your age, time and artistic needs. The intention of the one-to-one classes is to find out your needs, interests and natural skills and help you to develop them.

Draw and you open your perception

I am going to show you how to be capable to draw with no fear. By showing drawing techniques and to discover your particular style. 

At the end of the classes you will be able to: 

•​  Produce tone, texture and shadow 

•  ​Perspective, form and proportion

•  ​Composition

•  ​Drawing process

•  ​Perception 

•  ​Visual memory  

•  ​Drawing techniques with pastel dry and oil, charcoal and coloured pencil.  


Suitable for: Teens and adults. Beginners and advanced. 

Making Masks

This is a good class to develop creativity and basic sculpture skills. In this class, we would create masks with different materials and get to know a bit more of the history of masks around the world. You are going to discover:


•  How to build a good structure

•  Resistance of the materials 

•  How to choose the best materials 

•  How to get inspired and create your original mask

•  Painting your mask


Suitable for: Children, teen and adults. 

Making Art - a bit of everything

This class is designed for people who want to develop their creative side and want to learn more  about materials and artistic techniques. This class is good for children, teens and adults who have not had the chance to dedicate more time into making art, to have some fun and/or to discover their passion. This class covers:

•  How do I start? – steps to how to develop an idea 


•  Materials and techniques that we are going through: all types of pencils, coloured pencils, dry pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, brushes, acrylic painting, water colour, recycled materials, natural materials, performance and video.


•  Taking more time into the technique chosen and wanted by the student.

Talking with Nature

Using performance techniques to get more connected with nature and space. And transforming this experience in an artwork. It could be a drawing, painting or another performance.

This is a calming and introspective class, good for people who have had a stressful day and want to have time to relax and reconnect. Also, this class is recommended for those who want to experience into performance art.  


•  Learning some performance and meditative techniques 

•  Develop how to translate your experience in an artwork

•  Help in the chosen techniques (drawing/ painting/ performance)

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