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Paola Colorida

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The word Colorida in Portuguese means colourful in English. Colorida was created to help explore everyone's creative, artistic and colourful side. All of us are sensitive and creative beings who just need the chance to find our artistic talents. In addition, it is proved that making art is very beneficial for children, teens and adult's mental, emotional, physical and psychological development.

Through Colorida, I am giving bespoke classes for all ages, either individual or in small groups in the comfort of your home. My art classes are designed to identify the students needs, their interests and innate skills and to help them to develop their inner creativity and art talents.

Private classes can be for adults who want to pursue a hobby, learn new techniques or improve their art skills. It is a positive activity for children and teens to have time to improve their creativity, sensibility, critical sense and motor skills. The classes can be given at your place or at my art studio in Croydon.

Another technique which helps people creativity, performance skills and well-being is Laughter Yoga. Because of all those benefits and much more Colorida is offering Laughter Yoga workshops and session, have a look in the laughter Yoga page to have more information.


The artist - Paola Colorida, also is known as Pipoca or Paola de Ramos

Since I was five years old, I used to spend hours drawing, painting and making small sculptures. From seven to fourteen years old, I took art classes in drawing, painting, sculpting and acting. I have a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, in Brazil, Foundation Art and Design, at Chelsea College of Art and Design, BFA Fine Art from Slade School of Fine Art and MA in Visual Culture and Contemporary, at Aalto University, in Finland. For more than 10 years, I have been working as an artist, organising and teaching individual and group art classes to children, teens and adults. My skills involve drawing, painting, water colouring, printing, sculpture, performance, video and curating exhibition. 


I have already shown my work in exhibitions in London, including The Portico Gallery, St. George’s Town Hall, Camden Arts Centre, in Brazil, Atelier Soma and Casa Selvatica, in other countries as Russia, Mexico, Portugal, Estonia and Finland. In 2012, I gave a lecture about my work and I performed at University of East Anglia. In 2015, I organized and curated an exhibition at my mother’s home in Brazil themed and called Lar/Home. There I was shown more than forty artists working in different medium and coming from diverse backgrounds. 


I will love hearing from you if you feel the urge to blossom your creative colourful side. 

If you are interested please send me an email: or maybe a WhatsApp +447783679844 I would be happy to answer any inquires.

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